Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Spy Books

In the midst of studying the five senses, my good friend had the idea to make an I Spy book on the day we were talking about the sense of sight.  So, of course, I consulted Pinterest! :)
Delia Creates had a great post that I found on DIY I Spy Books.  Our neighbor girls didn't have school that week because of transportation strikes here (not your typical idea of a strike but that is a tangent; point is, they were home from school).  So, it seemed like a fun project to have the kids all do together.
My oldest son is an arranger.  He has, from a very young age, loved to just set up toys and arrange them in scenes, but he has a VERY specific way he likes to do it, so I was glad I actually had arranged several areas the kids could work at because this was a project, he really thrived working on his own.
We set out a few big pieces of poster board, and then the kids arranged groups of toys, and I took a picture.  Then, as Delia Creates suggested, I pulled out a few toys from each scene while they were occupied with something else and took a picture of those.
I am not great at putting together documents, and my friend's looked much cuter in format than our does, but the kids really enjoyed it.  My youngest (2 1/2) has actually been the one to look at it the most, but the neighbor girls carried theirs around with them for a couple days.
Now, it was a fun process making it, but it also was a bit of time and effort, so I thought I would go ahead and share the one we made, and if you'd just like to use ours, feel free to print it and enjoy!

Here is our I Spy book!  It's far from professional, but if you'd enjoy it with your kids, feel free to use it!

(One of the train scenes my little and I created for the book)

(If you print it, you could print more than one page per sheet, but if you do that, I would recommend printing the cover separately because the "Can You Find?" page should be on the same page as the scene in which you are trying to locate the items.  I printed one page per sheet and then laminated them with page 1 on the back of the cover, page 3 on the page of page 2, etc., so the theme pages are facing each other when you open the book.)

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