Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fall Highlights

Way behind on posting about our school life, so I'm going to do a few highlight posts to give just a glimpse and then move on!

Zeke enjoying some stamps and one of his favorites--cutting!

After reading The Tale of Despereux (LOVED it!), Isaiah made his own Lego tribute!

Isaiah's coloring of Despereaux

Character chart

Working on some letter work
Zeke is my more fearless one and will gladly try many new things, so it has been fun to see/hear him start to "read."  He feels super proud of himself and loves to read to anyone who will listen.
"Reading" to Big Brother

Our board for the week

Photos of Tihar (a major holiday here in Nepal), quotes from Despereaux,, and a layers of the Earth diagram
Our playdough model of the layers of the Earth