Tuesday, November 12, 2013

N is for Nest

I have gotten quite behind on posting anything for school lately, and I can't say that we did anything terribly original for our nest unit.
Our neighbor girls did join us for some, and that was fun, including them all building a giant nest out of blankets and pretending to feed each other plastic worms and bugs!
We tried to make our own little nests.  They were mostly mess piles, but Isaiah got really into it.  He really wanted a bird to use his nest.  Um, no, we don't have any tropical birds around here--those bright things are craft feathers.  I don't really let the kids pick up real feathers at our place since the only ones we tend to find are from dirty pigeons.  Bleck.
Of course, Zeke had to get a dump truck in on the nest-building action.

There was a "nest" snack suggested in our curriculum, but it involved chow mein noodles, which we can't buy here.  We ended up using these local snacks.  I had actually never tried them, but they looked like they might work, so we broke them apart into "twigs."

Then we added some shredded coconut (which wasn't in the original recipe but seemed like it might work to seem like grass) and some melted chocolate and peanut butter.  We stirred them together, made a pile for each kid, and then we tucked two little mini marshmallows (imported) to be eggs.

Isaiah was really pleased with his work and excited to eat his yummy treat!

My little Nepali guy, Zeke, was really upset that I had covered his snacks in chocolate (what?!) and just wanted to eat the rest of the local snacks that we hadn't mixed in!  Ha.

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