Tuesday, December 17, 2013

U is for Us

A bit behind on blogging for school!
It has been several weeks now since we did "U is for Us," and we didn't actually do much that unit that was unique or creative.  We were trying to fit in the basics and combine a few days to fit in more before my parents visited us here in Nepal for the first time!
One thing that came up that I just love happened when we were doing our "badge" for the week.  Every unit for My Father's World has instructions to make a "badge" with the big idea words written on it.  I decided, instead of actual badges to wear, to make a big mural in our hallway to add to each unit.  It's working really well, and Isaiah really likes adding to it and seeing it all there together.
This unit we were supposed to make a cut-out of a person because our key words were "God made us wonderful."  When I asked Isaiah what color paper he wanted to use, he wanted brown.  Now, this might not seem like a big deal, but growing up where I did with only "white" faces around, I feel like the default would have been white.  Granted, white paper is a color that no one actually is, and there are limited options for paper.  But, then he decided he actually wanted to put two people on because he wanted to use the cut-out that he was tracing (which was on white cardstock).  I thought he was going for a mix, but he said he needed to color it first.  Even with his whopper pack of 96 Crayola colors, what did he choose for the second person?  Brown. :)  
I love that that just seems totally natural and obvious to him!  I am so thankful for the richness of colors and kinds of people that are a part of his world!

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