Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tot School for Superheroes

I've written that we've been doing a superheroes unit, and it's been centered around my older son's interests and quite a lot of work, so I haven't been very good about doing things directly for Little Man lately.  
He did enjoy having a super hero "badge" of his own!  
And, a cape!  I can't resist how cute he is in his cape!  He doesn't like to wear it much, but he loves that he has one just like big brother!

Awhile ago, when we were doing our transportation unit, he had seen this bus sizing activity that I had printed and laminated and never got around to cutting out because we didn't use it during the unit.  One day, we were using our wet-erase markers, and he asked, "Bus?  Markers?"  I went and pulled it out, and he just drew on it.  He loves to draw with markers, and just pulling out something simple that he asked for was a good reminder to me that he is easy to please!

He isn't ready to actually write his letters yet, but anytime big brother is doing a writing or prewriting sheet, he really wants one of his own.  I have tried to give him another sheet that might fit him more, but usually he insists on having the SAME one that he sees his brother having.  His favorite is to put it in our sheet pocket and use the wet-erase markers.

I have been wanting some of these vehicle counters for a long time for him, and recently a family that was leaving here had a small set of them for sale.  Both of the boys really love playing with them!  Sometimes I have him try to put the matching color in the cup or try to count them, but he also just loves to play with them and pouring things between cups is another of his favorite things to do, so he pours his vehicles.

One of the activities I did make intended for him during this unit was a little rhyme with stick puppets, Five Superheroes Brave.  He has pulled out the little figures several times since then and said, "Whoosh" and put one behind his back, so we'll do the rhyme together.

As I wrote in my other posts, we have been doing Impress Your Kids' How to Be a Superhero series, and he has connected more than I expected with that.  I didn't really think he would be able to understand too much of it, and while I don't think he necessarily understood the point or main ideas or anything, he has made several verbal connections when we've talked about previous activities that were really exciting to me to see how much he is at least making note of what we are doing and remembering key things to anchor to in his little heart and mind!

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  1. Zeke does look extremely cute in the cape. All of these things take so much time - you amaze me.