Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just Doing School

We haven't really had a theme lately, and the past couple of weeks have been packed with visitors and new folks coming to join the work here, so we've been a little loose with school lately.  
Just thought I'd share a couple of things we've been up to lately.
Isaiah cannot get enough superhero stuff still, so I found some badges that have the emblems for the original "Justice League" character, so I printed them onto cardstock.  He loved coloring them, and then we cut them out, and he made a whole plan of which one he was going to wear for each part of his day!  Next to his hand is the Green Lantern ring we made out of foam and pipe cleaner.
 Another pinterest find...Ice Chalk!  It was really fun, and it gave me the chance to chat with Zeke about shapes and colors we were drawing, and Isaiah and I made some drawings together, which he loves!  I did use a dab of washable paint instead of food coloring to make the colors, as washability is notable for us!  I would add more next time, as many of the colors were pretty light, but they do get darker as the chalk starts to melt.

 We finished up the last of our How to Be a Superhero unit from Impress Your Kids with "Magnificent Purity."  We read Mrs. Rosey Posey and the Fine China Plate (which Isaiah asked to read again), and then we did this ping pong ball activity, which the boys LOVED!

With Tot School in mind, I had washed (and washed and bleached and rewashed!) some rocks we collected here and written a capital alphabet letter on each.  Zeke doesn't know his letters really yet (though he is starting to pick out a few key ones, like the first letter of his name!), so I just printed out a fun alphabet sheet I found from 1+1+1=1.  My idea was just to work with him (showing him most of the letters) to put the letter on the matching letter (both sets were capitals).  I somehow thought perhaps the boys could take turns finding letters (even though it is much too easy for Isaiah), but they were not in a sharing mood, fought over the rocks, and we ended the activity.  They can't all be "wins," huh?

Ezekiel really loves locks and keys right now, and padlocks are used for most doors here, so I bought him one just to use for himself.  The downside is most of the locks here aren't made all that well, so it sort of slips and around and gets jammed, but he still was pretty excited to work on HIS lock!

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