Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Superheroes, Part 2

Rolling ahead with our superhero theme, which has been a lot of work, but my son has absolutely LOVED...
Not directly part of our superhero theme, we still kept working on some of our Raising Rock Stars Preschool stuff.  Isaiah has had a big breakthrough with his writing lately, and it is exciting to see him very confidently diving in on his writing.  New courage seemed fitting with our theme. :)

We kept going with our activities from Impress Your Kid's How to Be a Superhero.  I had some sticky felt, so I made them their "badges" for Super Speech out of that, and Isaiah was excited to put his on his cape.

I found this PreK Superhero Pack from Over the Big Moon.  We didn't do a ton of the activities, but it was a good pack, and I pulled out the cutting page for Isaiah to work on.
We also did the Dot Marker page, and the boys always enjoy using those!

This week we were doing "Fantastic Conduct" from the I Timothy-based series at Impress Your Kids.  We watched the Wise and Foolish Builders video on youtube that she linked to in her post, and then we painted rocks to remind us that hearing what Jesus said AND putting it into action is like building our house on a rock!  The boys really loved this, which isn't surprising since rocks are some of the biggest treasures around these days, and they have asked several times since then to paint rocks again.  I hadn't really intended for them to paint the foil; I was just using it to put the rocks on for the painting, but both of them painted a scene around their foil.

Another day of the "Fantastic Conduct," I read the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego while they colored a picture I found online, and we talked a bit about the story.  A story like that really takes on another dimension of reality that leads to some very interesting discussions when living in a place like this where there literally are physical idols worshipped all over the place.

We made these "Superhero Control Panels."  I had to adapt a bit based on what we had available here, and I put together the majority of it, and the boys just added the "buttons" on top.  Zeke went for some shininess and then was done.  Isaiah went kind of plain-looking but was very methodical and made up what each button does.  My favorite one was the top left one that "sends stupid to the bad guys," so that they don't know what to do and can't think of anything! :)

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