Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More Easter

We tried to keep it fun and low-key this week since we are leaving for a short trip tomorrow for a company retreat to Pokhara, after which we'll be leaving for a week-long trip to Thailand!
I prepared some supplies to make some Playdough Easter Eggs.  The boys had a great time, though they didn't really ever get that interested in actually making any sort of eggs out of it.
 Isaiah made one actual "egg," which he then squished and used it for another creation.

Isaiah has hit a breakthrough with his writing lately.  He was really resisting for awhile.  He has always had a tendency to be slow to jump in and try the "wobbly" steps leading up to a development.  He tends to hang back and observe and then suddenly just do it.  I had backed off of much structured writing practice and pulled it back out again last week.  He did really well, and this week was our first week with a letter that involves a curve, and he jumped in with confidence and did it well!  Ezekiel always likes to have a sheet that looks like brother's, and of course, as often happens, the markers turned into a sword fight!

Ezekiel loves calendar time!  Even aside from the time we sit down and do our calendar time together in the mornings, he wants to pull out the markers and draw on the calendar and jabber about what he's putting on.  He frequently says people's names that he is drawing on the days.  It has taken me some restraint of my own personality because it makes the calendar look like a horrible mess!  You can't see much of the actual things we put on the days, but it hasn't actually bothered Isaiah as much as I thought it would, and Ezekiel loves it so much and really seems to be using his words and motor skills with the writing/drawing, so for now, this is what our calendar looks like.

 A favorite of all of ours this week was Volcano Egg Dyeing!  It was SO much fun.  Only brown eggs are available here, which are a bit more challenging to make look pretty, and the color options for food coloring are limited (red, yellow, and green--someone forgot a lesson in primary colors and color mixing!), so the product wasn't that pretty, but none of us really cared about that.  The boys could have done this all morning if I hadn't run out of vinegar and baking soda!
 Look at that wonderful fizzy fun!

Ezekiel wanted to just keep pouring the mess back and forth between containers, even once the fizzing had stopped.  He was absolutely covered in mess, but he was thrilled!

I've been linking up to a great Tot School Gathering Place over here!  

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