Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter for My Preschooler

As I wrote before, we had a less than grand start to Easter stuff, but I've been trying to really allow myself to let go of the activities I plan and be present in the moment so that the season is significant for the occasion itself and not because we stressed to cram in a bunch of stuff to DO.
My older one still enjoys beading at times and insisted on filling up a whole pipe cleaner as we did some beading.
 Our letter was "W" last week, so of course, you have to have a wig and a whisk!  Wouldn't everyone pack a couple of wigs to bring along when they move across the world?

 The boys have been really enjoying the pom poms I put onto sticky magnets, so we played a little Easter bingo.  They didn't get so into the game, but they enjoy the materials!  I have just been setting whatever laminated sheet I want to use for an activity on top of one of our magnetic dry-erase boards to use with the magnets.

 Isaiah loves games or activities that involve finding things, so I hid the pieces I made from this Easter story hunt around the room, and then I put out the explanation pages for him to match up each picture as we found it.  He was pretty excited running around, but we still got to talk (briefly) about the meanings of each picture, and he asked some great questions.  Of course, his new ball pop gun had to get brought into the activity to "help."

 Mainly, I just took this picture because he was excited about the new, cute giraffe scissors we bought from a family that is leaving here and was selling their stuff (also the source for the ball pop gun)!

 Isaiah has been really loving the dot paint markers we got, and he had asked the day before if he could make a rainbow.  Frequently, he has ideas and then wants someone else to carry them out, but he did this whole thing by himself.  Well, he had one meltdown over the first attempt when he was convinced he had ruined it with overlapping the colors at one point.  I am praying and working to try to overcome the generational perfectionism that seems to have hit him!  Praying for a greater understanding of grace for him and for me both!  Once he started fresh, though,  he really dug in and focused and did a beautiful job that he felt very proud of.

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