Monday, February 11, 2013

Random School Things

I was sorting some pictures and thought I'd post a few that don't fit well with specific themes or anything.  The last two weeks, I put together a bin for our letter of the week.  I don't do this every week, but when it hit the letter Y, and we had yellow yarn and multiple yaks, it just seemed like a good week to do one!  Besides, who can resist the chance to pull out a yeti when you have one?! 

Then when last week was "N," I went ahead and had fun putting together some stuff we had.  My husband enjoyed the Northwestern representation for the week!

 Sometimes I forget the value of just simple things, like pulling out puzzles!  We got this chunky construction vehicle puzzle used when some friends were leaving, and Ezekiel really likes it!  I need to remember to pull it out more for him.

Isaiah loves legos right now.  It has been really exciting to see him create things of his own to build and gain some confidence in his imagination.  He is a focused kid, so he could build stuff for quite a long time!  
I decided to have a little lego school activity with him one of the afternoons when Ezekiel was napping.  I made something and asked him to build a copy of it.  He intentionally decided he wanted to use a couple different colors than I did, but then he went ahead and built the same one.
 He, however, didn't want to do it more than once, and I let him just lead in some building time together.  I realized I very rarely just sit down and build with him.  With the little guy down for nap, we had time to just build together.  I'm not great at coming up with ways to build things he wants me to build, but I need to try to roll with it more often so that he'll be willing to just try things that he isn't sure how to make work without trying them!  He had just watched Beauty and the Beast recently so insisted that we build all the characters.  So, here is our attempt at some of them.  I'll let you guess which one is which, but I will let you know that Isaiah insisted on adding a sword for Belle. :)

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