Saturday, May 28, 2016

Wingfeather Saga Poetry Tea

We have loved doing poetry tea time in our family.  I wasn't sure how much my boys would enjoy it, but they really do!
Since we were obsessed with all things Wingfeather and having a great time with poetry tea time, I decided to combine them.  I went through and marked with sticky notes all of the songs or poems I could think of in the books.  Isaiah decorated a cereal box to be The First Book, and we painted a big rock gold and put glow-in-the-dark glitter on it to be an ancient stone.

Instead of tea we decided to have "bibes," of course!  We got several varieties of juices and just mixed them with either ginger ale or cream soda to make what we imagined to be things like grape bibes or berry bibes.  Some flavors were a better combo than others with the sodas. :)
Also, in honor of The Orchard Inn and Cookery, we made pumpkin bread.  I use the recipe from the link without the frosting.  And, given that we were still a bit short on cooking gas, I made it in the rice cooker like I've done throughout the winter!

The boys' favorite was definitely the troll poetry, and they decided to "write" their own, which shifted the tone of the tea time just a bit, but who can resist uncontrollable little boy laughter? ;)

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