Wednesday, July 9, 2014

F is for Frogs

We were running out of steam a bit with our curriculum for the year, to be honest.  Thankfully, the boys were both pretty interested in frogs, but we were definitely doing less specific to our kindergarten curriculum but trying to press through and finish up the core things and have a sense of completion of all the units.

I found a great Frog Unit online, and we used a few random pieces of her notebooking pages, and it also had a great list of resources such as videos or links for information.
Isaiah was particularly proud of his Frog Life Cycle paper and even wanted to make a video to show and tell about it.  Check him out in Part 1 and Part 2. :)

Isaiah actually came into the room when I was looking at my Pinterest board for frogs and some windows I had open from it.  He saw this idea and really wanted to make it.  He absolutely loved the finished product, and it is a fairly simple thing to make, but it definitely wasn't a project that we could do as much, so it felt a bit more difficult than it actually was.  He did enjoy putting on the spots and eyes himself and then played with it quite a bit.

I don't usually post much that I haven't taken pictures of, but since the boys were REALLY enjoying the Frog and Toad stories, I printed one of the FREE printable board games from First Grade A La Carte, and we had fun playing it.  She has them for multiple stories.  What a fun free resource!

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