Monday, January 6, 2014

Water and Oceans

Didn't get a lot of photos from our Water unit and Octopus (Ocean) units, as we wrapped up time with my parents and the holidays approached, so here are just a couple quick shots.
We read The Pout-Pout Fish and the Big-Big Dark.  I actually prefer the first book, but Isaiah wanted to focus on this one instead.  I had him draw a pout-pout fish.  He was in one of his modes that he insisted he could not possibly do it right on his own, so I helped him a bit with the tail.  

I asked him to dictate to me to fill in the prompts "Sometimes I feel scared when..." and "...helps me to feel brave."  It was really interesting that it took him quite a long time to think of something that made him feel scared because we often perceive him as a kid who is quite easily scared, so I guess it was encouraging that he doesn't actually think of having a long list of fears!  It was interesting that he said little brother is what helps him feel brave.

Water beads are always a hit!  We can't get them here (or at least I haven't seen them), but they are so light that I have had my mom send some a few times when she is sending packages.  
We did do a little water writing to practice our letter "W."  I wrote a bunch of letters with chalk on the sidewalk, and they took their foam brushes and painted over all the W's with water to erase them.  This is not my original idea, but I honestly can't remember where I first saw it.

We went kind of light on some of our actual units as we tried to add in some fun Christmas stuff, so that is about all we captured for these units.

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