Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Water Wall

Alright, so my last post was reflective, but this one is just fun.
I saw the idea the other idea on Pinterest for a water wall.  I hadn't seen this before, and Isaiah happened to walk in as it was on my screen and was very curious about it.  It seemed like something we could modify and actually pull off here, so we decided to go for it.  Isaiah loves projects!

So, a little glimpse of how this plays out differently for us here...
There is no Home Depot or the like here, but there is a small hardware very close to our house that happens to sell mostly plumbing supplies.  So, we went to pick out a few pieces of pipes.  It's a small place, but you kind of just have to ask the owner for what you want, which was a bit challenging because I didn't have a specific pipe in mind and just wanted some "interesting" pieces of pipes.  Even if my Nepali language was MUCH better, there is still no way I could have explained this in a way that made sense to the man.  He was super nice but seemed quite confused at our process and lack of clarity on what we "needed."  Behind Isaiah in the second picture was a big tub of various PVC pipe pieces, so we sort of dug through that and chose a couple.  When we picked out a couple pieces, the many told us we needed washers or some various things to go with them, and most of them were super cheap, so we didn't argue or try to clarify why we didn't need those things.  Note:  Isaiah is in the same chair in both pictures, so you are basically seeing the entirety of the store.  

Zip ties seemed unavailable (or at least beyond what my limited communication skills could connect), so we bought some form of plastic thread stuff.  We also bought a stretchy, bendy pipe that reminds me of a vaccuum cleaner hose, and is actually what would be used on a lot of sinks and such here for the plumbing.

We took our wares home, and Isaiah was eager to dig in.  The process of assembly, however, seemed much more feasible while Little Man was napping, so we waited for afternoon.  I also cut the top off of one 2-liter bottle we had saved and the bottom off of two other soda bottles of different sizes.  On the one that I cut the top off, I also poked holes (with a knife--not a recommended strategy for the safety-conscious in the first world) in the bottom so that it would come out like a shower.  Isaiah directed the set-up of where he wanted each piece, and I tied them on with the plastic thread.  They don't seem quite as steady as they would likely be with zip ties, but they have all stayed in place now for nearly a week.

Isaiah was proud of his design!

Water is a bit of a valued commodity here, so you'll notice that I put buckets under the items to catch the water so that we could reuse again and again, which seemed at least a bit less wasteful.  The water was pretty icky by the end, though.

These are fastened on the gate at the edge of our yard/driveway which opens onto the common driveway for our colony, so I'm pretty sure the neighbors have had conversations about yet another odd thing the foreigners are doing with tying pipes and trash up to our gate!  Ha.

Zeke just goes for it with this kind of thing, so it didn't take more than a couple minutes before his shirt was soaked, so we just let him to without one.  He loves pouring right now, so this was really exciting for him.

The boys (and the neighbor girls who ended up coming over) had SUCH a great time with this!  Zeke has had a bad cold the past few days, so we haven't done it again, but maybe in the next few days as his cough disappears, we'll have to pull out another bucket of water and enjoy the fun again!

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  1. What a fun project! We are so spoiled with our availability of things we don't even think about.