Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Heading into Summer

As summer is approaching (and with the weather here, it has felt like it has been here for awhile!), we have been getting looser with school time.  We are still trying to finish up the last few units from our Raising Rock Stars Preschool, but we haven't been doing all the activities, and we've been doing a lot more just reading and play-centered activities.  It has actually been really good because it shows me yet again how important those things are and how much the boys love them and thrive when doing them!

A simple one from last week was a little sidewalk painting.  I had just done ice chalk with them the week before, and with not having prepared in advance enough, I basically just mixed up the same concoction (corn starch, water, and washable paint) and pulled out some foam paint brushed to paint on the driveway.
Ezekiel has been really excited lately every time he sees an "E" anywhere, and he shouts "E!  Ezekiel!"  So, he wanted me to paint some "E's."
Isaiah felt the need to get his squirt gun in on a little drawing and writing action.
It has been a really simple activity to pull out often, but Isaiah has been really loving coloring lately and has just jumped ahead leaps in recent weeks with his precision in doing it.  He stays focused for quite a long time doing it!  We bought a tablet of large coloring pages from a family that was leaving here recently.  Kind of captures their different interests right now, as well.

Usually, it makes me a little nervous when the boys are playing upstairs and then things get silent, but one of the afternoons last week, this is what I found when I went up!
It doesn't get much better than discovering my two boys laying next to each other engrossed in their books!

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