Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pumpkin Soup

My mom recently sent Isaiah Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper, and Isaiah loved it!
Pumpkin Soup Helen Cooper Scholastic
He wanted to read it over and over, and he asked if we could make pumpkin soup.  So, we bought a pumpkin (two actually) and undertook the project!  I decided it would be fun to make our own book about making our pumpkin soup, so I took some photos of our process.  It was no small project with two boys, but they seemed to thoroughly enjoy it!
Once we were finished scooping, cooking, pureeing, and cooking, I gave Isaiah the pictures.  He put them in order surprisingly quickly (with only one small mistake).  We glued them onto colored paper, and I had him dictate the words for me to write for our book.
So, here is Isaiah's first book, Pumpkin Soup!


  1. Of course Grandma is delighted! Wow, that is a huge undertaking with two young boys,

  2. I also love this book Isaiah! It is one of my favorite fall books.